Field Management Software for Healthcare

Scaling an in-home care program requires best-in-class software to schedule visits, communicate with patients, and manage your clinical workforce. Axle Health's Workforce Management platform is the only healthcare-specific tool for the job.

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Manage your team

  • Tag clinician profiles with license levels, trainings completed, equipment provisioned and skills certified
  • Create custom service areas for both clients and clinicians with our point-and-click tooling
  • Auto-assign visits to your clinicians based on availability, service area, and custom tags
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Empower your clinicians

  • Read and fax lab requisitions and other documents directly from our mobile app
  • Track GPS location for patient updates and clinician mileage reimbursement
  • Create custom visit templates and documentation requirements to ensure protocol adherence
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Monitor in real-time

  • Real-time location tracking, visit status updates, and alerts for visits that require attention
  • Visit level details including document management, patient reviews, visit timestamps, and patient communication logs
  • Quality management data including patient reviews, on-time rate, and other clinician performance metrics
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Market-leading solution for clinical field teams

Scheduling API

Real-time tracking

Customizable scheduling constraints (e.g. clinical trial protocols)

Multiple resources assigned to a visit (both in-home and virtual)

Bi-directional EHR integrations

Self-hosted instance